A series of podcast lectures created by Neil Gorman (DSW, LCSW, PEL, AP) to supplement and enhance the readings done as part of SWK-6521 Advanced Clinical Social Work.    

First Episodes

⌬ Lecture №1 | Types of Theory & The Unconscious

Welcome to The Introductory Podcast Lectures on Psychodynamic Praxis, produced in association with the Aurora University school of social work. I’m you’re host Neil Go...

⌬ Lecture №2 | The Unconscious Ex-sists & The Return of the Repressed

In this episode of The Introductory Podcast Lectures on Psychodynamic Praxis, we cover the idea that the unconscious does not exist, it ex-sists, and it insists. We al...

⌬ Lecture №3 | The Drive & Other Things that Don't Make Sense

In this podcast lecture, I talk about how psychoanalysis (and psychoanalytic theory) is more interested in things that don't make sense than things that do make sense....

⌬ Lecture №4 | Transference

In this podcast lecture, I try to explain the concept of transference, what it is not, and what it is (from a psychoanalytic perspective).

⌬ Lecture №5 | Pleasure & Instinct v. Enjoyment & Drive; The Shift to the Structural & Economic Model

In this lecture, I talk about Pleasure & Instinct v. Enjoyment & Drive, the shift from the topographical model of the unconscious, pre-conscious, conscious to the stru...

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